Rob's work highlights the uniqueness of his artistic oeuvre over the last three decades. He continually pushes the boundaries of contemporary image making both creatively and technically and has added a new chapter to the history of photographic art. His chosen mediums include 'true' laser holography, large format digital holography, miniature digital holography and 3D lenticular imaging. In the early 80's he was amongst the first to record 'true' holograms of living people and animals and continues to create three-dimensional portraits and light sculptures of natural subjects.


In recent years Rob has been inspired by the ever 'stranger' findings of quantum physics which postulates, amongst other things, that all matter is composed of pure energy and that the entire universe is a hologram. His work explores these metaphysical concepts by investigating the nature of reality. He seeks to extrapolate the essence of objects and entities, portraying them larger than life and rendering them sculpturally using the pure energy of light.


It is not possible to appreciate the dimensional and luminous quality of Rob's work in two-dimensional form, such as on a website page or in an exhibition catalogue. It is highly recommended that the work is viewed in person at Rob's gallery - see Contact.

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