Large & medium format 3D lenticular portraits


In 2003 Rob was asked to create the first ever officially commissioned three-dimensional portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. In order to do so he developed and built the world's leading digital 3D camera system which he christened the VIP (Video Images with Parallax). He also developed unique software in order to manipulate the resultant images and provide the best possible three-dimensional portrait. Utilising this same technology, which has been further developed and enhanced, Rob currently offers large and medium format three-dimensional lenticular portraits to a select number of people.


An example commission


In 2013 Rob was commissioned by the Maryland State Archives to create a special portrait to commemorate the career of the eminent American historian Dr Edward Papenfuse. Ed Papenfuse worked as the Maryland State Archivist for 38 years and was the first person to develop and employ the digital archiving of historical documents. The portrait sequence was shot at Shepperton Film Studios by Rob using his specialised VIP camera system.

Staff of the Maryland State Archives taking delivery of the portrait.

Hung next to the work of two of America’s most acclaimed portrait painters, Gilbert Stuart and Charles Wilson Peale, the resultant 3D and animated glass lenticular portrait was unveiled on the 5th June 2014 at the Maryland Historical Society to much acclaim. Alexandra Deutch, curator of the Historical Society's collections and second largest collection of presidential portraits in the USA, said of the work; ‘I have never seen such a compelling portrait before, one that so captivates and engages the viewer through its depth and interactivity’'.

Rob's portrait of Dr. Edward Papenfuse hanging at the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, USA.


Although shown here in two dimensions, all works by Rob Munday are three-dimensional

light sculptures, made utilising the mediums of holography and lenticular imaging.


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